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About Us

ONG-IT offers services, consultancy and project management within the area of Geographic Information System (GIS) as well as Information Technology (IT) and is specialized in Pipelines Projects, Utilities and Infrastructure. We also provide customized mobile field data collection solutions based on the clients geo-database model by using CartoPac Field Solutions.

We're focused on the following industries:

  • Pipelines
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Government / Municipalities
  • Environment

Oil & Gas-IT is based in Vienna, Austria with Client Management locations in UAE, and delivers services in national as well as international GIS- and IT projects since 1997.

Quick Facts

Company Values & Strengths

  1. To provide excellence in GIS services to our clients
  2. To build trust
  3. To uphold perfect business ethics
  4. To maintain open and honest communication
  5. To build a company that people want to work for long term
  6. To actively support personal and career growth for our employees
  7. To treat others with respect
  8. To promote a balanced lifestyle
  9. To make positive contributions to our community and environment.
  10. To make a profit
  11. To Achieve Highest Customer Satisfaction
  12. To Exceed Client Expectations