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CartoPac® International, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced field data collection solutions that integrate with a wide range of technologies including GPS, laser, cameras and other technologies with application software that increases field to office workflow efficiency. CartoPac® is the first and only mobile GIS and GPS solution allowing users to take a fully relational database model into the field.

CartoPac® solutions are ideal for a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Municipalities
  • Railroads
  • Electric or water/wastewater utilities
  • Natural resources
  • Government

 or anyone interested in collecting and managing large amounts of field data

The CartoPac®Enterprise suite of mobile technologies manage many of the complexities found in traditional GIS and GPS applications behind the scenes to deliver faster and more productive solutions. As an example, some municipalities have successfully implemented CartoPac®technology to support various mobile solutions including: Road & Bridge inspections, Building inspections, sign inventory, sidewalk mapping, tree inventory, and water asset mapping programs.

CartoPac®solutions allow users to take a fully relational database model into the field

  • Field users now have the capability to interact with data from spatial and non-spatial data tables, allowing field users to have the same data model as the main office. Field users are given the tools to collect data easier, more efficiently, and of higher integrity than ever before.
  • Data managers also benefit from cleaner and more complete data coming in from the field. No longer will they need to convert a relational database to flat files for field use, or perform the time consuming task of merging flat files back into the office database. CartoPac has a simple two-click process for upload and download.

Data collection projects are easily customized by configuration to meet your projects exact needs!